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Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI Colocation by JDR Hosting

What’s needed?

Your own Raspberry Pi, or one of ours
A configured static IP address
A solid (plastic) case for the Raspberry
An SD card with bootable OS

What do you get?

100 Mbit uplink
Unmetered Traffic
Free power supply
A Control panel


Send your own Raspberry Pi Purchase a pre-installed Raspberry Pi
Type Own preference (must have ethernet) 512M
SD card Own preference Samsung/Kingston 8 GB type 6
Power supply Provided Provided
Operating System Own preference Raspbian
Connectivity 100 Mbit (IPv4 & IPv6) 100 Mbit (IPv4 & IPv6)
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
Average delivery time 24 hours 24 hours
Price per year $49.99 $49.99
Cost of device N/A $69.99 (one-time)

What can I do with my Raspberry PI?

Mail Server

Take some load of your larger server and use your PI as a mail server for your domains.


Wondering what the uptime is of your server or websites? Keep a close eye by using your RPi as a monitoring server and start receiving a text or e-mail when something’s going the wrong way.

XMPP Chat server

Change your Raspberry Pi in an XMPP chat server by running Jabber. This way you can be confident that conversations will stay between you, the recipient and your own Raspberry Pi.

VPN Tunnel

Secure your safety and privacy on the ‘net by surfing through your own VPN tunnel. Common software for this application is OpenVPN and works like a dream on the Raspberry Pi.

Web Server

Set up your RPi as a specialized webserver for websites that don’t require an abundance of processing power. Of course you could also combine several Pi’s into a gigantic load balanced webserver!

DNS Server

Increase the availability and accessibility of your domain names by setting up your RaspberryPi as a tertiary or quaternary nameserver by using PowerDNS.

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